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The Candy Joy


Ntwari Arsene

Acrylic on Canvas

80×80 cm)

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In Rwanda, we commonly refer to a small child as “Igisekeramwanzi” 1. Indeed, during early
childhood, the child gladly and instinctively smiles at everyone. There is inner peace in it. There
is no mistrust. Everything is perfect, including its feelings. Everything is good and pleasant to
see. The child has no ulterior motives.
Even when you do not show kindness to a child or you violate their rights, they are still capable
of showing joy. This is because the same person who scares them is the same person that will
wipe their tears and make them feel confident again. The child will always smile, talk in their
own incomprehensible language, and at the end of the day, they only talk love.
This is true joy! Only those who seek to live in harmony with those around them will experience
this kind of joy.


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