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What’s The Difference Between Modern And Postmodern Art?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Modern and Postmodern Art? Or wondered if there is a difference between both types of art? First of all, you have to know that there is a difference between both, and the two terms are not interchangeable. The difference between both is based on rough date ranges established by art historians, art institutions, curators, art critics, and so on. These people recognized a distinct shift that indicated the end of the modern era of art and the beginning of the postmodern era. The era of Modern Art ranged from the 1860s to – 1960s. Post-Modern Art describes any other form of art created from the 1960s to date.

Art is a discipline that fosters peace of mind and is beautiful to look at. However, there are a lot of complications in it. There are different types of art, including those said in words or the abstract art of painting on a material for people to read or see. Art history has been divided into different parts, namely, the premodern, modern, and postmodern eras. In this article, we’ll be examining the differences between the modern and postmodern eras.

There are apparent differences between both types of art. The differences are related to the type of work that was done during the era in question. The age of renascence and industrial revolutions occurred during the modern era. The art in this era was also influenced by world war. The postmodern era experienced more developments and was relatively more peaceful. The characteristics of each age were evident in the paintings by the artists. The years of the postmodern era were the years of information and change.

Modern Art can be defined as work done during the period of modernization – when modernization was taking place. Postmodern art was founded to express the development of the new age. During the era of modern art, we had more contributions from male artists. However, the period of postmodern art featured contributions from different sexes, ethnicities, and classes. Modern art artists worked according to a specific theme, but there’s a lot more freedom nowadays. Also, the belief during both eras was different.

Description of Modern Art

The era of Modern Art was a period during which people had to follow a different set of rules to be called artists. Yes, art was a lot different from what it is today. The period was tough and influenced by all the wars of the 18th and 18th centuries, including the severe financial condition in Europe.

During this period, people were of the mindset that art is only meant for men. The art of this period was also goal-oriented, and there was no attention given to the main aim of the whole process. However, there were distinct styles in the art piece as each artist tried to distinguish themselves. The modernization era was characterized by numerous changes to the human way of living. These changes caused people to live differently in the postmodern period.

Therefore, any form of art that was developed during this period was referred to as modern art. During this period, famous artists include Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Marcel Duchamp, and so on.

Many art historians consider Edouard Manet the first modern artist because he was drawing scenes of modern life. Still, he refused to mimic reality by following a set of perspective tricks. Instead, he concentrated on the fact that he was simply doing his work on a flat canvas with a paintbrush. At first, his work was a shock to many experts, audience, and critics. However, Manet inspired fellow artists and other generations of artists to try out different means of drawing more attention to their medium. Modern art comprises movements, namely: Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism.

ipfundoart.comDescription of Postmodern Art

Unlike the era before it, Postmodern art describes a form of art in which people are free to express themselves. This period is characterized by the freedom to do art without influence from politics or other factors. This era was started when the Americans introduced different varieties of already existing modern art. There was the introduction of new types of arts such as pop art, which changed the mindset of people to usher in a new period and create a new mindset.

Due to advancements in technology and mechanical upgrades, it was hard to contain art in its previous form and led to numerous changes that introduced a new form. These advancements introduced new styles and turned the world into a global village. This type of art united different parts of the world and picked up little things for everyone. There’s no specific theme for the art of the period. This era was one during which people felt the need to question the chronicles of the past. They could make desired changes to different types of art.

Many people began to treat art as a way of expressing themselves, and it was no longer goal-oriented. There was also a change in the mindset that art was only for men. Slowly, female artists started to become popular. Feminist works and the work of minorities began to gain a lot of attention. Artists of the postmodern era include Justin Michael Jenkins, Robert Rauschenberg, Johanna Drucker, Aydin Aghdashloo, Robert Breer, Cleeve Horn, Ricky Swallow, William Powhida, Jose Bernal, Stieg Persson, and so on.

Yes, those are the notable differences between modern and postmodern art. First, we have differences in their dates with modern art lasting from the 1860s – 1960s, while postmodern art has been in existence since 1960 to date. Modern art features only made artists, but postmodern art gives more credit to artists from all works of life. The next time you’re in an art event, you would know the difference between both types of art and could even engage one or two people in a friendly conversation.


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