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About Ipfundo Art Gallery

Vision Statement

To set up a WORLD CLASS ART GALLERY in the East African Region  depicting a wide variety of Artists` imaginations in both Visual and Plastic Art  with a purpose of preserving global cultural views through interior and exterior  designs of all forms of Infrastructural facilities.

Our Mission statement

The Spirit Of Modern Art

Art With Social Message

The spirit of art prevail not only in the artists’ workshop, art gallery or museum, but is also to pervade every other human interest and enterprise. The message of art to society is contained in the words artistic and aesthetic. Genuine abstract art has a deep appeal.

Mr. Masterjerb Birungi Paul

More Than Precious

Art Collection

Art is emotion. Art inspires. Art is original and imparts its own perspectives to everyday reality.’A true Ipfundoart signature’ – is becoming a source of inspiration for artists, clients, visitors, and employees. The remarkable collection also reflects the gallery’s social engagement. By collecting, caring for, and exhibiting our pieces, irreplaceable works of art may be preserved for future generations. 

Rurangirwa Karumeyi Jean Damascène
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